PILOT PROJECT: Commercial VRF for Glycol Chilled water systems in Cold Room Application: TAPBI Hatchery, Indang Cavite

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems are known in commercial market for comfort cooling applications in buildings, offices and residences. FIRST FLOW piloted the use of VRF Modular Chiller for cold room applications using glycol.

Thanks to SAMSUNG DVM modular chiller, this equipment has a wide range of temperature down to -10 degree Celsius. Propylene glycol is a water antifreeze with mixture ratios depending targeted water temperatures. This pilot system is targeting to reach 0 to -1 deg Celsius of water leaving temperature on the chiller. On room design at 15 deg C, coil entering air temperature must reach its dew point temperature to achieve the required cooling. From traditional DX refrigeration unit coolers, FIRST FLOW designed a centralized cooling to give RELIABILITY on redundancy for 24/7 operations and FLEXIBILITY to allow capacity expansions as need arises.

With proper design, psychrometric analysis and equipment selection, this small scale project is yet to bring a BIG achievement.


BELIMO Energy Valve Benefits and Savings for St. Luke's Medical Center BGC Air Handling Unit

Many facilities often overlooked the energy wasted on the water side systems in centralized chilled water plants. From unbalanced hydronic systems, a static balancing valve may NOT deliver the correct flow at variable pump operations, NOR a cooling valve modulates with the right enough flow to the coils. With BELIMO Energy Valve, optimizing with the use of Dynamic Balancing + modulating + Flow Measurement & Calculation + Delta T Manager + Live monitoring, Data Logging and BACnet Interface, this study is to prove the energy savings outcome in an air handling unit.

This Energy Valve is to solve LOW DELTA -T SYNDROMES in chilled water systems.

Equating water flow savings to KW energy, pump affinity law P~ Q3 ,10% decrease in FLOW will give 27% savings in POWER (BHP). Managing Delta T, flow correction between actual flow rate and design flow rate will at the same time save energy in terms of the cooling effect in KW/ton equation.

This case study will cover the results on the existing control & cooling valve set-up and to be compared with BELIMO Energy Valve using its built-in control algorithms and tool features.